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All projects are created with the client’s direction in mind. When working with a freelance web designer you can expect to receive personalized and attentive service. In today’s age of technology having a professional looking site is key. Many consumers now turn to online search engines for information prior to their business decisions. What would it say about your business if you were nowhere to be found or had a poor site? It wouldn’t make a good first impression.

Why hire a freelancer?

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance web designer to build and maintain your website. Cost, efficiency, consistency, communication and quality are at the top of that list. I offer hands-on design service, especially tailored to your individual needs. I pride myself on offering the personalized attention of a freelancer at a tremendous value, with a price that you can afford. Contact me today and find out how working with an experienced freelancer can help your business.

Web Design & Development

Websites are my nerdy escape. Whether you’re in need of something new or a fresh update, I can create a responsive website that will not fall short of your expectations. No matter where you are in your project, I can support your goals at any stage.

No 9 to 5

I am a Hawaii freelance web designer but I’m not bound to any time zones or limited to an 8 hour work day. Your project’s needs decides where I need to be and how many hours of sleep I get. Basically, I always go the extra mile.

Support & Maintenance

I offer my clients comprehensive and reliable support throughout the entire process from start to finish…and then some. Affordable and fuss free maintenance options are also available for ongoing support to keep your site running in tip-top shape.

... & I like to make stuff.

Aloha, I am a freelance Hawaii web designer and developer located on the beautiful island of Maui. Where the skies are blue, the palm trees sway and spam is a pretty big deal. I enjoy furthering my knowledge and helping others with my craft and inspired ideas.

When I work with a client their project becomes my project. I take special care to ensure that we have a positive working experience together and that my client’s goals are realized. So whether you have the need for branding, are looking to create a web presence, or if you need to freshen up your existing site – I can assist you to accomplish your needs. Contact me today to discuss your ideas, I look forward to working together!

Check out my blog for some helpful articles from myself and guest authors on getting started on your website, freelancing, development and more. Below is a selection of the most popular posts.

Components of a Successful Website

Websites come from various creative perspectives, but there are a few characteristics that are fundamental to most successful websites. Read on to learn more.

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I noticed that you mentioned that you haven’t secured your hosting and domain. I would highly recommend SiteGround!

These are a couple posts from my blog that you can read to learn more about SiteGround:

I noticed that you mentioned that you haven’t secured your hosting and domain. I would highly recommend SiteGround!

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