5 Benefits to Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

There are many compelling benefits to hiring a freelancer over an agency to build or maintain your website. These are 5 big advantages when considering your project needs.


The quality of the designs you receive from freelancers and agencies will vary considerably. Always make sure to review any agency or freelancers portfolios. This way you can get a feel for the kind of work that they have done. The size of the agency has little correlation to the type of work that they deliver.

The quality of work that you receive through a freelancer or an agency will depend on the nature of the business or the individual. It is entirely possible to find a freelance designer who will deliver a higher quality website at a lower cost than a large agency.


Many freelancers will possess an extended skill set to complement your project. These can include graphic design, photography, copy-writing, and more. One person working on the various aspects of your website can help to keep the design clean and consistent.


A freelancer can often times produce results quicker than a large design firm. When there is only one person to coordinate with revisions can be done quickly. Hiring a freelance web designer over an agency provides you with efficiency that you can appreciate. Most freelancers aren’t bound by the hours of a regular 9-5 workday. This means that they will usually work long hours and late nights to ensure that your project is finished on time.


Cost if usually a very big factor when one decides to hire a freelancer over an agency. Most freelancers work out of their homes. This means that the price you pay mainly goes towards their time and skill that is being dedicated to your project. When hiring an agency, they have overhead to consider. This if often passed down to the client in the form of an inflated price which may include factors like rent, hardware, software, salaries, training, etc.


Communication is one big advantage that a freelancer has over an agency. That is, if you are working with a freelancer who values communication. As previously mentioned, most freelancers are not bound by the hours of a regular work day.

This means, if a question comes up over a dinner discussion, you shouldn’t have to wait a day or two for a response. When working with a freelancer your calls, texts, emails, and instant messages should be responded to within a timely manner and with the answers you seek.


While the key-points mentioned in this post may not be all of the wonderful perks for working with a freelancer, they are certainly important factors to consider. Toptal recently published an in-depth guide on the subject called Toptal’s Ultimate Freelancing Guide: Expert Freelancers on Starting and Managing a Freelance Business which offers some excellent insight on this subject as well and is a great read!

Another great resource on all the ins and outs of hiring and working with designer can be found at DesignHireThey have a great guide available that will help you to navigate the process of locating, communicating and hiring a great designer for your project. Check it out here: How to Choose a Designer.

However, with that being said, not all freelancers are created equally. One great experience will not ensure that future collaborations will follow suit, nor should one terrible experience taint your position on working with a freelancer again. Prior to hiring anyone for anything, due your due diligence.


Aloha, I am a Hawaii based freelance web designer and developer located on the beautiful island of Maui. Where the skies are blue, the palm trees sway and spam is a pretty big deal. My articles are geared towards site design and development, nifty wordpress tips and and other ramblings of webthings amusement.

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I noticed that you mentioned that you haven’t secured your hosting and domain. I would highly recommend SiteGround!

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