Category: Design

How to Pick Your Website Color Scheme

Selecting the color scheme for your website might sound like a simple task of throwing some complementing hues together. But many find, that once the selection process begins, choosing your palette can be a tad bit overwhelming.

Project Workflow for a Website

As with any plan, organized execution of that said plan can truly make or muck up a project. This allows the project to run smoothly with minimal back-pedaling.

What is a Site Plan?

In the early stages of project planning for your website, a site plan is usually a good place to start. This is basically the foundation of your site. Once you have this in place you can build upon additional features or functionality that you would like to incorporate.

Components of a Successful Website

Websites come from various creative perspectives, but there are a few characteristics that are fundamental to most successful websites. Read on to learn more.

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