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Would you like to check out a one-stop resource that connects you to thorough hosting reviews and coupons along with hand-picked designers/developers across the nation? Web Host Ranking is working diligently to bring together this valuable resource for anyone who is starting out with a new website or looking to make a change.

Web Host Ranking was started by hosting industry experts who have been in the web business since the late 1990s who have actually owned and operated web hosting companies. This site is the “mega-site” of many years worth of experience designed to take the guess work out of web hosting and website maintenance.

Web Host Ranking has recently expanded their trusted advice to highlight selected designers by state(in the USA).  I am honored to share that I have made the cut as one of their recommended designers in the state of Hawaii. The web design and development industry is heavily saturated and it can be a challenge to navigate through profiles, conduct interviews and contact references when hiring someone for your project. Web Hosting Ranking is providing a valuable asset with their web designer by state series. Their site is clean, concise and full of useful information. In addition to their reviews and designer recommendations, they also offer: search engine optimization tips, ecommerce/selling online, and domain names. Check it out: Web Host Ranking.


Aloha, I am a Hawaii based freelance web designer and developer located on the beautiful island of Maui. Where the skies are blue, the palm trees sway and spam is a pretty big deal. My articles are geared towards site design and development, nifty wordpress tips and and other ramblings of webthings amusement.

If you need to secure your domain and hosting for your website, I highly recommend Siteground. You can learn more about them in theses posts:


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I noticed that you mentioned that you haven’t secured your hosting and domain. I would highly recommend SiteGround!

These are a couple posts from my blog that you can read to learn more about SiteGround:

I noticed that you mentioned that you haven’t secured your hosting and domain. I would highly recommend SiteGround!

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