How to Create a WordPress Blog Post

How to Create a WordPress Blog Post

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One of the valuable features of a WordPress site is a blog. A blog is basically a collection of posts about any topic of your choosing. A blog post can be as elaborate or informal as you would like. If you have a website about financial investment services you offer, you could write about a blog about how to look-out for market trends. If you have a website about rabbit care, you could write about training a rabbit to do simple tricks. A blog can bring relevant traffic to your site and even improve your website SEO value.

I’ve created a simple video below and some additional reading that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Choosing a Blog Post Title

First things first, you’ll have to title your blog post. Your title should be easy to understand and clearly explain what your blog post is about. You’ll want to name it in a way that will likely turn up in search results. You can try a Google search and see what kind of searches are suggested, this gives you the idea of the type of searches that people are performing and you can choose your title accordingly.

Writing your Blog Post Content

Besides selecting a relevant title for your blog post, you’ll also need to write some supporting content. You can incorporate images, videos, and text stying if you have the know how or a visual composer like Visual Bakery or Beaver Builder, or you can just stick to plain text.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags add further organization to your blog post. Adding categories and tags to your blog posts allows your website visitors to easily access other posts that are organized with the same value. I personally don’t use tags on my site, but I do use categories. You can see category archives for web development, seen here.

Featured Image

You can also add a featured image to your blog post. How it is displayed on your website is dependent on your theme. Select clear and relatable images to draw visitors in to read your blog post.

In Conclusion

I hope this post has given you some direction on the process of creating a WordPress blog post. If you want to fancy up your posts you’ll need some understanding of CSS or HTML, if that’s not your forte, look into page builders which add super convenient drag-and-drop builders to quickly create attractive layouts.

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